Workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017

Article 1. PJICO insurance company get insurance for all citizens of Vietnam from 16 to 70 years old and foreigners are learning the work in Vietnam (hereinafter known as the insured accident the worker works in 2017) according to the terms specified in this rule; exclude the following objects:
-People who are mentally ill.

-Who are being maimed or permanent disability from 50% or more.

Article 2. The insured accident the worker works in 2017 under this rule still participate and enjoy the benefits of the other types of insurance.

Article 3. The accident in the coverage as the accident happened in Vietnam due to:
-A sudden, unintended by the insured, from outside on the covered Person’s body and is the direct cause to make the insured suffered death or physical injury.

-The insured person has to act to save the property of the State, of the people and join the fight against illegal actions.

Article 4. The case of the insured accidents workers join the 2017 works played professional nature such as: racing, horse racing, football, boxing, climbing, surfing, sailing … survey, the Explorer; When the accident occurred covered only on the condition that the insured person has requested and agreed upon additional premium for PJICO prescribed in the fee schedule and amount of insurance.

Article 5. The accident occurred due to the following causes are not in the coverage:
The insured violating serious regulations, laws and regulations of the Agency, of the local government, or of other social institutions, violation of traffic safety laws

The Act of intentionally self-inflicted accident of the insured person or the rightful heir.
The insured person to use and under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other similar stimulant.

The insured person joins a fight unless confirmed that was the Act of self-defense.
Feeling suddenly hit by wind, disease, pregnancy, occupational disease, the complications in the treatment of disease and pregnancy.

Food poisoning, a drink.
Treatment or use drugs as directed by health authorities.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, radioactive.
Aviation operations (unless as a passenger), exercises, military training, combat of the armed forces.
War, civil war, strike.

Article 6.
-The collective require the insured accident, PJICO signed insurance contracts with the collective which enclose a list of the personal accident insurance of workers works in 2017.

-Individuals or families have asked to join the workers ‘ accident insurance works in 2017, PJICO insurance certificates for each individual. The insurance amount is the maximum liability limit of PJICO for the insured in an accident.

-The amount of insurance and the insurance period specified at the request of the insured accident the worker works in 2017.

Article 7. Premium and premium amounts based on the fee schedule of the PJICO insurance corporation prescribed along with this rule. Submitted by premium payments, the amount to be paid in the currency.

Premiums are close in the beginning are covered unless other agreement.
Article 8. Effect of insurance starts when the insured person had premiums as stipulated in the contract or certificate of workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017.

Article 9. The case of one of the two parties proposed to cancel the insurance contract must inform the other party know before 15 September. If the contract is cancelled, the agreement of the remaining time will be reimbursed 80%, on the condition that at the time that the insured person has not once been PJICO accept paying workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017.


Article 10. The case of the insured suffered death by accident in the coverage, PJICO will pay the full amount stated in the insurance contract or the certificate of personal accident insurance.
Article 11. The case of the insured person injury by accident in the coverage, paid by insurance PJICO nail in paying insurance rate Table.

Article 12. The case the insured suffers an accident in the coverage, within 1 year from the date of the accident the insured person suffered a fatality as a result of that accident, PJICO will pay part the difference between the amount recorded in the insurance contract (or certificate of personal accident insurance) in the amount paid in advance.

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