Where buildings insurance

In Saigon you buy insurance of construction it’s easy, we can quote over the phone, email, zalo. When you agree to buy the insurance of works we will service for you. Buy insurance works where truth doesn’t matter in the age of technology.

The insurance coverage for the following objects:
The buildings, including public buildings, houses, industrial, irrigation, transportation, energy and other works;

Construction equipment serving the construction process;
Construction equipment serving the construction process;
Part of the installation and/or constitute a part of the building process;
Available on the property and within the school district in the ownership, management, supervision and control of the insured person;
Liable to third persons.
Where buildings insurance
Period of insurance and the insurance effect of construction works
The responsibility of the PJICO starting at the commencement or from when the insured named in the GCNBH/insurance contracts to be unloaded at a construction site. In case GCNBH/insurance contract was signed after the work had started, the validity of the contract is confirmed in GCNBH/insurance contracts of construction works

However, GCNBH/building insurance only real effect after the insured person has paid the premiums recorded in GCNBH/insurance contract unless agreed otherwise in writing.

For these parts, the projects have been delivered or put to use, the liability of PJICO for those parts, these projects will cease from the moment delivery or insert parts , the process to use.
Where buildings insurance
GCNBH/insurance contract will terminate effective the date stipulated in the insurance contract/GCNBH. All cases limited coverage must be PJICO agrees in writing

1. the insurance undertaking construction works
If during the period of insurance, any item of property would have a name in the GCNBH/insurance contract or any part of the category that suffered sudden and unforeseeable due to any cause other than the causes were exclude a specific way, apparently caused to the extent to

or replacement of the PJICO is responsible for compensation for the loss which the insured person as defined in GCNBH, this insurance by paying money, repair or replace (at its option of PJICO). The compensation levels for each category of assets recorded in the GCNBH/non-insurance
Where buildings insurance
exceed the amount of the insurance category of the property and within the limit of the liability of compensation for every insurance event (if any). The total amount of the insurance compensation does not exceed the total amount of insurance specified in the insurance contract/GCNBH of construction works.

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