When to buy maternity insurance?

Many parents elect for not understanding the time should buy maternity insurance, buy too late or too early to not pay the cost of childbirth from maternity insurance.

Many mothers who have decided to buy maternity insurance to be part of the cost-sharing san expensive or the expenses that may arise during pregnancy.

Mrs. Phan Ngọc Ánh (age 27-HA Dong, Hanoi) has planned to buy maternity insurance before pregnancy first child to help stupid are somewhat birth costs. Her thought that simply buy insurance is going to be paid should be assured of getting pregnant. But forever after she knows, like to be insurance, you need to have the time to wait for about 1 year and then be conceived. The output of this birthing time husband and wife you have to dispose the money bag out payment not covered maternity pay. So what is the maternity insurance? Buy maternity insurance, how it and enjoy full benefits?

Maternity insurance is insurance for women type are intended to have children. When using this type of insurance will be entitled to health care services during pregnancy and during childbirth. Accordingly, the insured will be paid part of the cost of ups, the costs of childbirth, caesarean birth, and both costs and unusual treatment pregnancy and complications of pregnancy. But the payment applies to the insured person before pregnancy takes place. In addition, depending on the insurance package that monies paid will also be different.

Buy maternity insurance in the right way, the correct time will help the parents elected to reduce significantly the cost of childbirth.

Usually, maternity insurance packages will be located in the package of health insurance. Health insurance package is divided into two main parts: the required rights and benefits options. Mandatory benefits are benefits for inpatient, emergency department, accidents and serious diseases. Benefits of options usually include outpatient benefits, dental, maternity, … In the interests of selection, the parents can choose the maternity package vote.

Ms. Ha Anh-a longtime insurance staff said: “today there are many companies that sell health insurance with many different prices, available free from 4 million to 7 million per year. Very rare that the company would pay if the mother was pregnant months then buy insurance. The parents elected to make time and step into the time of pregnancy “.

In all the maternity insurance packages have a similar general terms is “out”, many sisters do not understand this concept led to the loss of money and benefits for childbirth.

Ms. Ha said: “a lot of people are still confused about the concept of time waiting in the maternity insurance. Many people mistaken that the timeout is the time period from when she is pregnant until the birth. In fact, the waiting period is the time period from when you purchase insurance to conception. The waiting time normally is on 210, 280 days or 12 months, depending on insurance companies and insurance package. If before the time that the woman is pregnant, the entire insurance package that is not being used. Parents elect paid only 100% maternity insurance benefits of the contract if the pregnancy and after the baby’s birth time. And if after the waiting period to expire contracts that have yet to be elected, then regarded as the contract expired. The sisters can continue to participate by closing the money for next year “.

So, when to start buying, the sisters should ask the technical staff after buying insurance waiting time is long. Many people do not ask this so thoroughly after the purchase is completed has conceived, lead to childbirth enough time should not be covered.

In addition, the sisters before pregnancy should aim to advance in the Institute would cost in that particular hospital, which belongs to the category of insurance company’s guarantee to find where to buy the fit.

She started to share more, before you buy maternity insurance, the sisters should read carefully the extent of the payment, by depending on the insurance package that the Saints medical expenses involved are also different. In particular, the parents elected to childbirth can be paid from 10 million to 42 million when students often, from 20 to 70 million when caesarean, each day of hospitalization for childbirth will be paid from 1.5 to 3.5 million per day. Payment amount more or less depends on the insurance package purchase in any company.

There are so many big insurance companies for the parents elected to choose from.

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