Two-way baby car insurance

Compensation when:

1. the PJICO compensation for the physical damage caused by: 
1.1 sudden accident, outside the control of the owner of the car, driving in the case: collision, overturn, spilling, fire, fire, explosion, other bodies acting on motor vehicles.
1.2 The unforeseen risks by nature: hurricanes, flood, flood, lightning, earthquake, hail, landslides, tsunamis … 
1.3 Take the whole car in the case: the car stolen, airport is robbed.

2 in addition to the payment of the remaining expenses PJICO necessary and reasonably incurred by the accident coverage in order to:
2.1 prevents, restricts further losses, protect and bring the car to the nearest repair but must not exceed 10% of the sum insured two way airport.
2.2 assessment of losses if the responsibility of the two-way car insurance.

In all cases the total amount of actual compensation of PJICO (including costs on) does not exceed the amount of insurance to be recorded on the certificate of insurance of the car the two dimensional.

No compensation when:

Automobile insurance rules, PJICO pay material damages in the following cases:

1. Wear and tear, the natural damage arising from the normal operation of the vehicle.

2. Damaged due to disability, loss of values, diminishing the quality of whether auditing certification technical safety and environmental protection.

3. Damage or loss are more due to repairs.

4. Electrical parts of machinery or equipment that is not due to accidents specified in point 1 article 25 above.

5. Damage to tires and rubber, car body decals, tent, taking the head wheel, fenders, signature brands, manufacturer logos unless this loss occurs due to the same cause and at the same time with the other parts of the vehicle in the same fatal accident.

6. the stolen parts of the car (unless other agreement).

7. The vehicle after repair, overhaul, or new regulatory improvement must register again without going dăng check prescribed by the State.

8. engine losses due to airport operations in the region are flooded (unless agreed otherwise).

9. The level of compensation agreement to be recorded on the certificate of automobile insurance. The level of compensation apply after you have made the terms, condition of the two-way car insurance rules. 

The truck flipped over cars, the driver fatality

Truck traffic on Highway 1 to surprise auto flip left over cars running the opposite direction making a driver fatality in place.
Serious traffic accident happened about 18 h day 25/8 on a route through the town of Phan Thiet River (district of ham Tan, Binh Thuan) do you Naidu (33 years, reside in the town of La Gi, Binh Thuan) death on the spot.

According to initial information, the time on the Ceiling by truck, Ocean (30 years, indicates in Ninh Thuan) are circulating from South to North to the Diocese of Phan Thiet River Township itself unexpectedly turn left. This vehicle over cars running the opposite direction. Vehicle driver’s you Nguyên suffered death on the spot. Two of the car was badly damaged after the accident.

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