Purchase food poisoning

Special food poisoning the company offers catering. This is unwanted risks. However to limit risk should customers buy food poisoning insurance-liability insurance products of our company. On the basis of the required Certificate of insurance and A declaration of the insured person with the condition the insured agrees to pay the premiums, the insurance joint stock company Petrolimex (PJICO) will indemnify the insured person :

1. All sums which the insured person has a legal obligation to pay as compensation for:
1.1. the unexpected damage on the person (injury, sickness)
1.2 the unexpected damage to property

caused by the goods covered by the sale, supply, repair, alter, process, or service related to business activities by insured performed and incurred during the insurance period and within the territory of the rules specified in the certificate of insurance and food poisoning;
2. All costs and expenses of litigation
2.1 the plaintiff party against the insured the food poisoning was reimbursement,
2.2 arises with the consent in writing of the PJICO
for any complaint would claim the insured person must be compensated and subject to compensation under this insurance Application;
However, the responsibility of the PJICO for all compensation payable to one or more sides of a plaintiff or a series of incidents arise from or may be attributed to the same origin or cause , will not exceed the limits of compensation regulated in the paper

insurance certificate for an incident arising during the period covered, the responsibility of the PJICO also will not exceed the limits of liability specified in the certificate of insurance for each insurance period in food poisoning.

In case the insured dies, the liability that the insured incurs, PJICO will reimburse on behalf of the insured person under the conditions and limits outbound

in Single coverage, provided that the representative must comply, fulfill obligations in accordance with the provisions of the terms, exclusions, limits of liability of this food poisoning as possible themselves are The covered food poisoning.

The insurance rules and a summary of the conditions of this insurance shall be read together as one contract and any words or phrases are assigned a special meaning in any one particular meaning in any part of the insured or of A Summary of the conditions of this insurance will still carry such a meaning though it appear in any place.

In the case generated a breakdown could lead to compensation claims under this insurance, the insured must notify in writing the PJICO as soon as possible. All correspondence, complaint, summons of the Court and other relevant documents must be notified immediately or upon receipt of the PJICO.

Without the consent in writing of the person insured, the insured was not negotiable, cannot be accepted, not proposals, promises or any payment would be relevant to the issue or complaint PJICO if necessary have the power over and done with the name of the insured person the food poisoning the advocate against any claims would

or by its cost and because their rights have the right on behalf of the insured person prosecuted against any person claiming compensation for their losses. PJICO also have freedom of action in the litigation and resolve the complaint, and the insured must provide food poisoning all information and assistance if PJICO request.

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