Private home insurance 2017

Private home insurance rules (attached to decision No. 643/2014/QD/TSC/CEO on 01/08/2014 of the General Director Of Petrolimex insurance joint stock company)

On the BASIS of the insured person named in the certificate of insurance of private homes (GCNBH)/2017 insurance contract attached to the sent Of Petrolimex insurance joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as “PJICO”) by the required Certificate of insurance Declaration and the Declaration others are considered base and attachment parts are of the same time the insurance contract the insured has made payment according to the time indicated on the certificate of insurance (GCNBH)/2017 private insurance contracts and/or notification receiver the fee, renewal fee debt.

THIS INSURANCE RULES confirm that PJICO will indemnify the insured person for the 2017 private home any loss or damage that occurs during the insurance period under the right conditions, the terms outlined below, or be modified later (Supplement here referred to as the conditions of the terms of the private home insurance rule 2017).



PJICO will compensate the insured for the loss or damage to the home caused by a risk insured private homes 2017.

PJICO can choose the option to repair, restore or replace any property loss, damages or compensation in the money for the value of the loss or damage.

The condition is under PhầnI, the House is understood not to include:
(a) the property is not owned by the insured person or the insured person does not bear liability for the property;
(b) the property that the value is included in the total amount of insurance of property within section.
Unless otherwise specified, the House due to the insured person declaration must be constructed of brick, stone or cement and roofing are made of cement, stone, tile, metal, asbestos or asbestos compounds and inorganic components do not burn.

If at the time of the loss or damage be considered compensation as defined in part I, the value of the House is larger than the amount of private home insurance the insured private homes 2017 will be viewed as auto insurance for the difference deviation value and will suffer loss or damage in part by insurance rate under the corresponding value. This condition is applied separately for each object of the House.


1. The terms architect fees, assessor, consulting engineer
The fees and costs including but not limited to costs charged the architect and other consultants to estimate, diagrams, specifications, detailed design, procurement, supervision of reasonable and necessary arise with term a maximum of 10% of the total amount stated in GCNBH insurance/home insurance 2017.

2. terms of cleaning up the scene

The expenses incurred by the insured person needed in the field of cleaning, dismantling or destroying, or prop up, perform temporary repairs for one or more of the insured property is part of the consequences of the loss or damage covered with the condition these costs:

(a) have not recovered from any Single other insurance;
(b) does not include the cost of cleanup, remove, clean the substance leaks, pollution or contamination except for loss or damage caused by insured risks;
(c) does not exceed 10% of the total amount stated in GCNBH insurance/home insurance.

Timeliness of extinguishing the fire at Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc district,

At 13:32 minutes on 12/02/2017, fire police and fire district 9 residential fire alarm newsletter at: 101 Number, street, quater 3, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc district.

Production unit 1 command, 3 fire engines, 1 truck means, the 01 car Ladders along 36 CBCS due comrade Colonel Phan Minh Right-fire command directly.

When to place the unit of reconnaissance organization to grasp the situation determine: fire in the bedroom of the House 1st floor; the fire radiating more smoke and toxic gas, fire risk spread in the next room, the unit deployed 2 B cooling fountain mausoleum, prevent fires and extinguish the fire.

To 13 hours 48 minutes, the fire was extinguished completely. No damage to people, to property: fires 1 bed, 1 wardrobe, 1 shelf to television (an area of fire about 26 m 2/282m2) estimated amount of about 1.5 million. The police force, Fire Department and fire district 9 has successfully defended 256m2 rest of the House and prevent the fire spread to the adjacent buildings.

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