“Pocket” of the new HEALTH INSURANCE

Have a morning visit in 2-3 where, every place is a prescription worth about 200,000; have 30% discount price clinic visit when the patient to visit a second time onwards or gifts, the shuttle organization hospital …

Vietnam BHXH leader has just raised worrying status of painting using the treatment of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund where only in the first years of the Foundation treatment of HEALTH INSURANCE has 2,152 billion overspending.
1 month visit 27 times

Causes of overspending State funds examination and treatment of HEALTH INSURANCE is terrible due to sick people are more sophisticated game of Zhao to the shaft.

One of the side points that game, said Pham Luong Son-Deputy General Director of Vietnam BHXH-said many people have HEALTH INSURANCE card has been examined many times in a day. Had someone visit 27 weekly/monthly. Have a morning visit in 2-3 where, every place is a prescription worth about 200,000 VND. With the visit several places in a day, the drug was sold to pharmacies carried the field with reviews by 1/2 still obtained no small amount, clearly has profited premeditation.


He also said there are only screening clinics for people from other places come and provide diagnostic imaging services, endoscopy of the nose throat ear-almost 90%-Wikipedia,-100% of the patients. Fish, having the police Hanoi, the total costs related to the treatment of cardiac electrical tests, endoscopy of the nose-throat-ear up to 12 billion within 3 months.

“All these figures are set out in question about HEALTH INSURANCE Fund abuse”-he said.

An expression profited again was his son mentioned, that is the commercialization process of examination and treatment and to medical examination and treatment; creating increased treatment needs “virtual” in the form of gifts, promotions … A number of hospitals (BV) private elections people about communes and villages, affiliated with the society (the women veterans, …) to campaign, inviting people to visit; used cars shuttle riders examination and treatment. In many clinics, when sick people to visit will be the gift, anyone hungry had bread, lemon juice …

“The law does not prohibit but logic throughout it’s abuse of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund. People see the benefit will visit although no disease. Some clinics have promotion discount up to 30% of the visit when the patient came to visit from the second onwards. There is the phenomenon of the abuse of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund to see that nothing is “-he Painted mercy far.

Recently, strong hands were right with BHXH clinic (province) as refuses to pay more than 71 billion for first 6 months because of signs of abuse of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund. “This is the lesson scene province for medical facility would also like to use the STUDENT HEALTH PLAN funds to abuse the game”-he stressed.

Mr. Le Van Phuc, Deputy Head of HEALTH INSURANCE policy inspection Board (BHXH Vietnam), said many parts of “spleen law” to abuse the funds by specifying overkill for patients initially register in another place (do not suffer from restrictions on fund managers visit the original, healing). Single, in the first quarter, at two private HOSPITALS in Nghe An province, the average cost of outpatient treatment for HEALTH INSURANCE card registered elsewhere to higher than the HEALTH INSURANCE card registration at that. While the average initial details card 434,722/weekly treatment, the other to place card is 832,268. Along that, specify outpatient MRI 2-8 times higher.

Mr. Bui Duy Thanh, head of the Quang Nam province BHXH auditing, said due to the cost of HEALTH INSURANCE in noticing the spike this province should BV has the report and we are still waiting for the official announcement of BHXH Vietnam. Earlier, delegation of Vietnam BHXH has to work with the BV of the province and to refuse payment of billions of VND for 5 BV: Vu Anh Quang Nam province, Central Quang Nam Vu Anh, Vu Anh mountains of North Vietnam Intelligent and BV, BV Yongde.

About this, he Highlighted Ten-Director of Vu Anh mountains of North Vietnam-said not yet received specific notice should not be answered. Mr. Pham Ngoc, Director of Vu Anh Quang Nam province, also said that not knowing the cause. “They just see his profile process to decide which part they paid, part No. Now, people have yet to submit resumes for yourself should know the cause why “-he Hide said.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Hoa Binh, Director of Vu Anh Minh, explained this payment was refused at BV due to some of the category has not been signed between the SOCIAL INSURANCE agency with BV. “Constant policy changes should have to do it again. There are a number of the parties themselves wrong by brothers misunderstand. For example, I was allowed to test dengue fever but want to do that, they must send a dispatch for HEALTH INSURANCE, they agree to do. The unit would not send or survived the category will not be paid, “-he said and said this is flawed about papers rather than deliberate wrong doing. BV

Mr. Tran Cong Grace, Director of Vu Anh Yongde, told primarily BV denied payment of ultrasound. He explained that the Grace

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