Petrolimex insurance joint stock company (PJICO) receive coverage for every citizen of Vietnam from 16 to 70 years old and foreigners are learning the work in Vietnam (hereinafter known as the insured) under terms specified in this rule; exclude the following objects:
-People who are sick.
-Who are being maimed or permanent disability from 50% or more.
The insured person under this rule still participate and enjoy the benefits of the other types of insurance.

Personal accident coverage who

-Accident coverage is in the accident in Vietnam due to:
-A sudden, unintended by the insured, from outside on the covered Person’s body and is the direct cause to make the insured suffered death or injury of the body.
-The insured person has to act to save the property of the State, of the people and join the fight against illegal actions.

Benefits of the personal accident insurance

-The case of the insured suffered death by accident in the coverage, PJICO will pay the full amount stated in the insurance contract or the certificate of insurance.
-The case of the insured person injury by accident in the coverage, paid by insurance PJICO Ding in “pay a premium rate Table”.
-The case of the insured accident in coverage, within 1 year from the date of the accident the insured person suffered a fatality as a result of that accident, PJICO will pay part the difference between the amount recorded in the insurance contract (or certificate of insurance) with the amount already paid in advance.
-Case of the consequences of the accident in the scope of the liability insurance be aggravated due to illness or disability of the insured person or the treatment of the wound not timely and not according to the instructions of the medical Agency PJICO, will pay for insurance as for similar injuries in people who have normal health is treated in a reasonable manner.

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