Fire insurance cars

PJICO compensate car owners the physical damage caused by: 

1.1 sudden accident, outside the control of the owner of the car, driving in the case: collision, overturn, spilling, fire, fire, explosion, other bodies acting on motor vehicles.

1.2 The unforeseen risks by nature: hurricanes, flood, flood, lightning, earthquake, hail, landslides, tsunamis … 
1.3 Take the whole car in the case: the car stolen, airport is robbed.

2 in addition to the payment of the remaining expenses PJICO necessary and reasonably incurred due to accidents in fire coverage of cars in order to:

2.1 prevents, restricts further losses, protect and bring the car to the nearest repair but must not exceed 10% of the sum insured automobile fires.
2.2 assessment of losses if the responsibility of fire insurance, automobile

In all cases the total amount of actual compensation of PJICO (including costs on) does not exceed the amount of insurance is stated on the insurance certificate of vehicle fires.

The mail claims the insurance losses ờng fire cars

In the scope of the liability insurance of vehicle fires, PJICO can choose the form of payment of the actual cost to repair, replace (if unable to repair GE reachable) Division suffered losses, or pay money for a car Owner to offset the loss on the the Department identified the ANC reachable repair costs, overcoming losses can pay.

1st Claims loss markets:

1.1. If the insured car fires, automobile insurance amount equal or above the actual value of the vehicle at the time of the insured, the mail claims the right ờng PJICO actual cost to repair, remedy the losses.

1.2. If the vehicle taking insurance with the insurance amount physical container d described below actual value at the time of the insured cars, the amount of compensation is calculated by ờng mail the actual damages multiplied by the ratio between the amount of automobile insurance and the actual value of the vehicle at the time of the insured cars.

Dozens of screaming passengers in the cars of beds on fire

Car beds runs through Phu Yen suddenly intense burning, causing nearly 20 passengers panic door escape.

Mr. Pham (age 44, home to Quang Nam) drive the cars on sleepers 1A Highway, the North-South direction. When approaching An charge station (district of Tuy an district) about 100 m, Max 3/9, the car caught fire from the rear.

Nearly 20 passengers on the bus to panic, screaming. The driver stopped the car in a hurry, with people tossing out doors. Many people grab fire extinguishers put out the fire but failed. In a heartbeat, the fire covered the whole car System, the driver said.

Phu Yen police truck the same thing firefighters approached, put out the fire. The fire did not cause casualties, has burned the car of beds along the passenger’s belongings. 4 bikes in auto black fire compartment, damaged.

The passengers were put on other vehicles going forward.
Screaming passengers in cars beds car cardboard container

Cars on highway runs through beds of Dong Nai province has crashed the container goes against making dozens of passengers diving nháo cried out for help.

Max 25/8, car beds charters running on Highway 1, from HO CHI MINH CITY out. When to Xuan Hoa commune, Xuan Loc district (Dong Nai), TB left, ran into a car head container car goes against.

OWL crashed two cars, is located across the road. Dozens of people on the car of beds call for rescue. People were smashing car glass, brought the victims out. In it, the driver of the car was seriously injured, guests are put away.

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