Exclusion of liability insurance

The insurer has no obligation to compensate if the damage caused by one of the following causes:
1. Earthquake, eruption or the other upheaval of nature.
2. The assets themselves or fermentation.

3. The property subject to the impact of a process using heat.
4. Lightning directly into the property was insured but not cause fire, explosion.
5. nuclear weapons materials that cause fire, explosion.

6. Damage to machinery, electrical equipment or parts of the electrical equipment by running overload, too, pressure vessels, heat self đoản, electric arc or electrical leak, due to any cause, including due to lightning.

7. The damages due to intentional acts that cause fire, explosion of the insured aimed to claim compensation under the insurance contract.

8. The damage caused by intentional violation of the regulations on fire and fire for fire, explosion occurred.

9. The goods entrusted or dealership unless those goods that are confirmed in the insurance certificate is insured and the insured pay extra premiums as a rule.

10. Money, precious metals, gems, securities, letters of guarantee, documentation, business books, manuscripts, documents stored in electronic, computer templates, diplomas, moulds, drawings, design documents, unless the item is confirmed in the warranty certificate the insurance.

11. Explosives, unless confirmation is covered in the insurance certificate.

12. The property that at the time of loss, are covered by marine cargo insurance or liability insurance in the maritime insurance, excluding losses in excess of the liability for compensation according to the single marine insurance.

13. The damages due to fire, explosion caused to third parties.

14. The damage to data, software and computer programs.
15. The damages due to the events of political, security and social order and safety.

16. These exclusions of liability insurance as required by law or by the parties to the agreement.

With regard to the exclusions of liability coverage above, if the buyer has insurance coverage needs and the insurer accepts the insurance, then the party can still contracts additional insurance for the event.

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