Compulsory fire insurance gas shop

Move-fire insurance required gas shop

1. When the insured event occurs, the insurer or organization is authorized by the insurer will proceed with the assessment of losses to determine the cause and extent of the losses. The cost assessment of losses caused by the insurer.

2. In case the insured party and the insurer is not uniform on the cause and the extent of the losses may referendum for independent assessment. In case the parties do not settle on appraiser independence, then one of the Parties requested the Court where loss or where the buyer specified residence insurance appraiser independence. The conclusions of the independent appraiser value the mandatory for the parties.

Form of compensation of compulsory fire insurance gas shop

1. The buyer of insurance and the insurer may agree a compensation in the form of the following:
a) repair of the damaged property;
b) replace the damaged property with other properties;
c) pay compensation.

2. In the case of the insurer and the insured party no agreement was in form of compensation, the compensation will be done with the money.

3. In the case compensated according to the provisions of point b and point c of paragraph 1 of this article, the insurer has the right to recover the property that was damaged after it was replaced or the whole compensation according to the market value of the property.

The property must join compulsory fire insurance, including:

1. The home, buildings and equipment;
2. Machines and equipment;
3. Types of goods, supplies and other assets.

The property on the insured when the value of the property to calculate the amount and be recorded in the fire insurance contract required.
1. The insurer’s business is The licensing financial establishment and operations of insurance casualty.

2. The buyer’s insurance agencies, organizations and individuals to own or manage or use the basis of the danger of fire, explosion and was listed in the certificate compulsory fire insurance in gas stores.

3. Fire is a chemical reaction are heat and light by the blast or any other cause.

4. Blast is the chemical reactions that cause the release of gas and energy suddenly with large volume of simultaneous sounds and physical effects to the surrounding objects but excluding:

a) property is compulsory fire insurance is destroyed or damaged by water tanks, boiler gas, tanks, machinery or equipment that the pressure inside the created entirely by the steam generated explosion (rather than due to ignite from explosive source) if the boilers and the machines and equipment that are owned or controlled by the party to buy fire insurance required in gas stores.

Fires gas store in Hanoi: mother dead, 3 injured

Gas store owners said early in the morning, you wake up, reconnect power pack noodles, plus gas leakage should occur the fire service

Fires occurred at about 6:30 on 11-12 at Phu Vinh gas store (hamlet Van Tri, Minh Khai Township, Liem-Hanoi) Vietnamese Nguyen Huy (SN 1979, his native town But Set cam Khe district, Phu Tho-).

At the time on, some people detect the smell of scorched and has the explosion of British gas stores, then flames. See inside the patient distress, two young used sledge hammers banging the door but due to the outbreak of the fire started strongly advised them to flee. Know where the fire is to store gas, some inhabitants of the area have run out of the House and call the FIRE PROTECTION police force.

To almost 20 minutes later, the new gas stores were sprung. The first person to run out of the store you’re Free; This was followed by two employees Nguyen Danh Hung (SN 1992) and Nair (B. 1995), and his hometown of cam Khe district-Phu Tho. According to a people, when he bailed out, Free mouth always called for: “Save my wife!”.

Before being taken to hospital, he said the Vietnamese in the early morning, you wake up noodles Pack, when plugged into the drive, reconnect power posters, plus the gas leakage should occur. In the panic, you must open a new fact was to lock the door to exit.

Immediately after receiving the notification, FIRE FIGHTING and police forces have mobilized nearly a dozen fire trucks to the scene. Due to gas outlet is located in the lane should the firefighters encountered many difficulties, more than

1 hour later, new fire control. However, it wasn’t until nearly 12 hours and 30 minutes, the rescue force brought new body, his wife, her sister is Tran Thi anh Viet Sub Ivory (32 years old) and Nguyen Thanh Dat (6 months old). People did not hold tears as she hugged her son tight still in Ivory.

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