Fire insurance cars

PJICO compensate car owners the physical damage caused by: 

1.1 sudden accident, outside the control of the owner of the car, driving in the case: collision, overturn, spilling, fire, fire, explosion, other bodies acting on motor vehicles.

1.2 The unforeseen risks by nature: hurricanes, flood, flood, lightning, earthquake, hail, landslides, tsunamis … 
1.3 Take the whole car in the case: the car stolen, airport is robbed.

2 in addition to the payment of the remaining expenses PJICO necessary and reasonably incurred due to accidents in fire coverage of cars in order to:

2.1 prevents, restricts further losses, protect and bring the car to the nearest repair but must not exceed 10% of the sum insured automobile fires.
2.2 assessment of losses if the responsibility of fire insurance, automobile

In all cases the total amount of actual compensation of PJICO (including costs on) does not exceed the amount of insurance is stated on the insurance certificate of vehicle fires.

The mail claims the insurance losses ờng fire cars

In the scope of the liability insurance of vehicle fires, PJICO can choose the form of payment of the actual cost to repair, replace (if unable to repair GE reachable) Division suffered losses, or pay money for a car Owner to offset the loss on the the Department identified the ANC reachable repair costs, overcoming losses can pay.

1st Claims loss markets:

1.1. If the insured car fires, automobile insurance amount equal or above the actual value of the vehicle at the time of the insured, the mail claims the right ờng PJICO actual cost to repair, remedy the losses.

1.2. If the vehicle taking insurance with the insurance amount physical container d described below actual value at the time of the insured cars, the amount of compensation is calculated by ờng mail the actual damages multiplied by the ratio between the amount of automobile insurance and the actual value of the vehicle at the time of the insured cars.

Dozens of screaming passengers in the cars of beds on fire

Car beds runs through Phu Yen suddenly intense burning, causing nearly 20 passengers panic door escape.

Mr. Pham (age 44, home to Quang Nam) drive the cars on sleepers 1A Highway, the North-South direction. When approaching An charge station (district of Tuy an district) about 100 m, Max 3/9, the car caught fire from the rear.

Nearly 20 passengers on the bus to panic, screaming. The driver stopped the car in a hurry, with people tossing out doors. Many people grab fire extinguishers put out the fire but failed. In a heartbeat, the fire covered the whole car System, the driver said.

Phu Yen police truck the same thing firefighters approached, put out the fire. The fire did not cause casualties, has burned the car of beds along the passenger’s belongings. 4 bikes in auto black fire compartment, damaged.

The passengers were put on other vehicles going forward.
Screaming passengers in cars beds car cardboard container

Cars on highway runs through beds of Dong Nai province has crashed the container goes against making dozens of passengers diving nháo cried out for help.

Max 25/8, car beds charters running on Highway 1, from HO CHI MINH CITY out. When to Xuan Hoa commune, Xuan Loc district (Dong Nai), TB left, ran into a car head container car goes against.

OWL crashed two cars, is located across the road. Dozens of people on the car of beds call for rescue. People were smashing car glass, brought the victims out. In it, the driver of the car was seriously injured, guests are put away.

Compulsory fire insurance apartment

1. fire insurance business required business apartments are the Ministry of finance license the establishment and operations of insurance casualty.
2. the party buying fire insurance required apartment is bodies, organizations and individuals to own or manage or use the basis of the danger of fire, explosion and was named in the insurance certificate.

3. Fire is a chemical reaction are heat and light by the blast or any other cause.
4. Blast is the chemical reactions that cause the release of gas and energy suddenly with large volume of simultaneous sounds and physical effects to the surrounding objects but excluding:

a) covered property is destroyed or damaged by water tanks, boiler gas, tanks, machinery or equipment that the pressure inside the created entirely by the steam generated explosion (rather than due to ignite from the explosive source) if the pot and the machines and equipment that are owned or controlled by the party to buy fire insurance required apartments.

b) container, machinery or equipment or materials inside the instruments that were damaged or destroyed by the explosive material that (this exclusion does not apply in the case of fire insurance, gasoline explosion).

5. The basis of the danger of fire or explosion is the basis set forth in annex 1 of Decree 35/2003/ND-CP. 
6. The level of deduction is the amount that the buyer fire insurance required to bear in the event of compulsory fire insurance apartment.

1. the insured amount is the value the money according to the market value of the property must join the fire insurance, compulsory at the time involved the compulsory fire insurance apartment.

2. where does not determine the market value of the property, the amount of fire insurance required by the parties to the agreement. Specifically the following:

a. the case of the object property is insured, the insurance amount is calculated according to the value of the remaining value or replacement value of the new property at the time of the insured by the insurer and the insured party to the agreement.

b. the case of the object insured goods (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products), the amount of insurance is the value calculated into money according to the declarations of the parties to buy fire insurance required apartments. 

Loss assessment
1. When the insured event occurs, the insurer or organization is authorized by the insurer will proceed with the assessment of losses to determine the cause and extent of the losses. The cost assessment of losses caused by the insurer.

2. In case the insured party and the insurer is not uniform on the cause and the extent of the losses may referendum for independent assessment. In case the parties do not settle on appraiser independence, then one of the Parties requested the Court where loss or where the buyer specified residence insurance appraiser independence. The conclusions of the independent appraiser value the mandatory for the parties.
Compensation forms
1. The buyer compulsory fire insurance and the insurer may agree a compensation in the form of the following:
a) repair of the damaged property;
b) replace the damaged property with other properties;
c) pay compensation.
2. In the case of the insurer and the insured party no agreement was in form of compensation, the compensation will be done with the money.
3. In the case compensated according to the provisions of point b and point c of paragraph 1 of this article, the insurer has the right to recover the property that was damaged after it was replaced or the whole compensation according to the market value of the property.

Fire sword Lake condo Palaza, hundreds of people fled the middle of the night

At the time of the fire service, the alarm bells of Lake Plaza doesn’t work, everyone fled out by calling each other.

Apartment fire, hundreds of people fled occurs on 14/12, in the 0h45 range residential Outdoor Sword Palaza-HA Dong (number 110 Tran Phu Street, HA Dong, Hanoi).
Over time, more people lived in the condo Lake Palaza-HA Dong Center suddenly smell the lẹt infamous rises from inside the apartment, floor 1805A 18A, then the big flame rises.

The discovery of the fire service, the people associated the term permutation evacuated each coral block, creating chaotic scenes. Some other people also hold the attitude of calm associated call to the function.

Reports, FIRE FIGHTING and public security police force Hanoi was quick to present at the scene to coordinate with the functional unit conducts fire and put the people inside the condominium to quickly move to the outside. To about half, the fire has basically been control.

Modify the insurance business law

Article 1. The scope of application of
This Decree detailing implementation of some articles of the law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the law on insurance business and amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 45/2007/ND-CP dated 27 March 2007 year of government regulation in detail the implementation of some articles of the law on insurance business (hereinafter referred to as the Decree 45/2007/ND-CP).

Article 2. Applicable objects

This Decree shall apply to the insurance operations (including operations provide insurance services and insurance brokerage services over the border in Vietnam), reinsurance business, insurance and brokerage activities operate agents the insurance.

This Decree does not apply to social insurance, health insurance, deposit insurance and other insurance types due to non-performing State business.

Chapter 2.


Article 3. The object providing and using the services of insurance, insurance brokers across the border

The object of insurance service providers, insurance brokers across the border (hereinafter called insurance services provided across borders) is business insurance, business insurance brokers based in foreign countries that Vietnam and countries has signed international treaties on trade that have agreed to offer insurance services over the border in Vietnam.

2. Object using insurance services provided across borders is an enterprise founded in Vietnam are owned by foreign investors on the 49% of the capital and foreigners working in Vietnam.

3. The services of re-insurance, marine insurance, aviation insurance, international reinsurance brokerage, consulting services, service calculations, risk assessment and compensation made according to the provisions of current legislation and information the international rate.

4. Life insurance and health insurance do not apply the rules on the provision and use of cross-border insurance services in this Decree.

Article 4. The conditions of offering cross-border insurance services

The insurer, the insurance broker business abroad provide service coverage over the border in Vietnam must meet the following conditions:
The General conditions:

a) Has a license of the State administration of foreign insurance businesses where the main headquarters for permission to perform the expected insurance services provided across the border in Vietnam and prove active legal business at least 10 in the provision of insurance services over the border in Vietnam;

b) has the text of the State administration of foreign insurance businesses where the main headquarters for permission to provide cross-border insurance services in Vietnam and confirmed not to violate the rules of the insurance operations brokerage, insurance and other legal regulations of foreign countries within 3 years continuously before providing insurance services over the border in Vietnam.
2. The conditions of financial capacity:

a) Has a minimum total assets equivalent to 2 billion u.s. dollars for foreign insurance business; a minimum of the equivalent of 100 million us dollars for business foreign insurance broker in previous financial years provide insurance services over the border in Vietnam;

b) foreign insurance business is rated BBB + by Standard Minimum & poor’s or Fitch, B ++ by A.M. Best, Baa1 by Moody’s or equivalent rating results of institutions that function, experience rated at in previous financial years provide cross-border insurance services in Vietnam;

c) business activities with interest in 3 years continuous previous financial years provide insurance services over the border in Vietnam.
3. The conditions of possibility of losses:

a) foreign insurance businesses must deposit 100 billion bank in Vietnam being licensed and operating in Vietnam and has the letter of guarantee of payment by the Bank that the payment commitment in case the responsibility of the insurance provided over the border in Vietnam exceeds required margin.

Funds can only be used to meet the commitments for the parties insured when the insurer takes foreign liquidity according to the decision of the competent State agencies where foreign businesses are located. Deposit interest rate enjoyed by agreement with the bank where the escrow. Foreign insurers are withdrawing the entire deposit upon the termination of liability for the contract to provide insurance services over the border in Vietnam;

“Pocket” of the new HEALTH INSURANCE

Have a morning visit in 2-3 where, every place is a prescription worth about 200,000; have 30% discount price clinic visit when the patient to visit a second time onwards or gifts, the shuttle organization hospital …

Vietnam BHXH leader has just raised worrying status of painting using the treatment of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund where only in the first years of the Foundation treatment of HEALTH INSURANCE has 2,152 billion overspending.
1 month visit 27 times

Causes of overspending State funds examination and treatment of HEALTH INSURANCE is terrible due to sick people are more sophisticated game of Zhao to the shaft.

One of the side points that game, said Pham Luong Son-Deputy General Director of Vietnam BHXH-said many people have HEALTH INSURANCE card has been examined many times in a day. Had someone visit 27 weekly/monthly. Have a morning visit in 2-3 where, every place is a prescription worth about 200,000 VND. With the visit several places in a day, the drug was sold to pharmacies carried the field with reviews by 1/2 still obtained no small amount, clearly has profited premeditation.


He also said there are only screening clinics for people from other places come and provide diagnostic imaging services, endoscopy of the nose throat ear-almost 90%-Wikipedia,-100% of the patients. Fish, having the police Hanoi, the total costs related to the treatment of cardiac electrical tests, endoscopy of the nose-throat-ear up to 12 billion within 3 months.

“All these figures are set out in question about HEALTH INSURANCE Fund abuse”-he said.

An expression profited again was his son mentioned, that is the commercialization process of examination and treatment and to medical examination and treatment; creating increased treatment needs “virtual” in the form of gifts, promotions … A number of hospitals (BV) private elections people about communes and villages, affiliated with the society (the women veterans, …) to campaign, inviting people to visit; used cars shuttle riders examination and treatment. In many clinics, when sick people to visit will be the gift, anyone hungry had bread, lemon juice …

“The law does not prohibit but logic throughout it’s abuse of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund. People see the benefit will visit although no disease. Some clinics have promotion discount up to 30% of the visit when the patient came to visit from the second onwards. There is the phenomenon of the abuse of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund to see that nothing is “-he Painted mercy far.

Recently, strong hands were right with BHXH clinic (province) as refuses to pay more than 71 billion for first 6 months because of signs of abuse of HEALTH INSURANCE Fund. “This is the lesson scene province for medical facility would also like to use the STUDENT HEALTH PLAN funds to abuse the game”-he stressed.

Mr. Le Van Phuc, Deputy Head of HEALTH INSURANCE policy inspection Board (BHXH Vietnam), said many parts of “spleen law” to abuse the funds by specifying overkill for patients initially register in another place (do not suffer from restrictions on fund managers visit the original, healing). Single, in the first quarter, at two private HOSPITALS in Nghe An province, the average cost of outpatient treatment for HEALTH INSURANCE card registered elsewhere to higher than the HEALTH INSURANCE card registration at that. While the average initial details card 434,722/weekly treatment, the other to place card is 832,268. Along that, specify outpatient MRI 2-8 times higher.

Mr. Bui Duy Thanh, head of the Quang Nam province BHXH auditing, said due to the cost of HEALTH INSURANCE in noticing the spike this province should BV has the report and we are still waiting for the official announcement of BHXH Vietnam. Earlier, delegation of Vietnam BHXH has to work with the BV of the province and to refuse payment of billions of VND for 5 BV: Vu Anh Quang Nam province, Central Quang Nam Vu Anh, Vu Anh mountains of North Vietnam Intelligent and BV, BV Yongde.

About this, he Highlighted Ten-Director of Vu Anh mountains of North Vietnam-said not yet received specific notice should not be answered. Mr. Pham Ngoc, Director of Vu Anh Quang Nam province, also said that not knowing the cause. “They just see his profile process to decide which part they paid, part No. Now, people have yet to submit resumes for yourself should know the cause why “-he Hide said.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Hoa Binh, Director of Vu Anh Minh, explained this payment was refused at BV due to some of the category has not been signed between the SOCIAL INSURANCE agency with BV. “Constant policy changes should have to do it again. There are a number of the parties themselves wrong by brothers misunderstand. For example, I was allowed to test dengue fever but want to do that, they must send a dispatch for HEALTH INSURANCE, they agree to do. The unit would not send or survived the category will not be paid, “-he said and said this is flawed about papers rather than deliberate wrong doing. BV

Mr. Tran Cong Grace, Director of Vu Anh Yongde, told primarily BV denied payment of ultrasound. He explained that the Grace

When to buy maternity insurance?

Many parents elect for not understanding the time should buy maternity insurance, buy too late or too early to not pay the cost of childbirth from maternity insurance.

Many mothers who have decided to buy maternity insurance to be part of the cost-sharing san expensive or the expenses that may arise during pregnancy.

Mrs. Phan Ngọc Ánh (age 27-HA Dong, Hanoi) has planned to buy maternity insurance before pregnancy first child to help stupid are somewhat birth costs. Her thought that simply buy insurance is going to be paid should be assured of getting pregnant. But forever after she knows, like to be insurance, you need to have the time to wait for about 1 year and then be conceived. The output of this birthing time husband and wife you have to dispose the money bag out payment not covered maternity pay. So what is the maternity insurance? Buy maternity insurance, how it and enjoy full benefits?

Maternity insurance is insurance for women type are intended to have children. When using this type of insurance will be entitled to health care services during pregnancy and during childbirth. Accordingly, the insured will be paid part of the cost of ups, the costs of childbirth, caesarean birth, and both costs and unusual treatment pregnancy and complications of pregnancy. But the payment applies to the insured person before pregnancy takes place. In addition, depending on the insurance package that monies paid will also be different.

Buy maternity insurance in the right way, the correct time will help the parents elected to reduce significantly the cost of childbirth.

Usually, maternity insurance packages will be located in the package of health insurance. Health insurance package is divided into two main parts: the required rights and benefits options. Mandatory benefits are benefits for inpatient, emergency department, accidents and serious diseases. Benefits of options usually include outpatient benefits, dental, maternity, … In the interests of selection, the parents can choose the maternity package vote.

Ms. Ha Anh-a longtime insurance staff said: “today there are many companies that sell health insurance with many different prices, available free from 4 million to 7 million per year. Very rare that the company would pay if the mother was pregnant months then buy insurance. The parents elected to make time and step into the time of pregnancy “.

In all the maternity insurance packages have a similar general terms is “out”, many sisters do not understand this concept led to the loss of money and benefits for childbirth.

Ms. Ha said: “a lot of people are still confused about the concept of time waiting in the maternity insurance. Many people mistaken that the timeout is the time period from when she is pregnant until the birth. In fact, the waiting period is the time period from when you purchase insurance to conception. The waiting time normally is on 210, 280 days or 12 months, depending on insurance companies and insurance package. If before the time that the woman is pregnant, the entire insurance package that is not being used. Parents elect paid only 100% maternity insurance benefits of the contract if the pregnancy and after the baby’s birth time. And if after the waiting period to expire contracts that have yet to be elected, then regarded as the contract expired. The sisters can continue to participate by closing the money for next year “.

So, when to start buying, the sisters should ask the technical staff after buying insurance waiting time is long. Many people do not ask this so thoroughly after the purchase is completed has conceived, lead to childbirth enough time should not be covered.

In addition, the sisters before pregnancy should aim to advance in the Institute would cost in that particular hospital, which belongs to the category of insurance company’s guarantee to find where to buy the fit.

She started to share more, before you buy maternity insurance, the sisters should read carefully the extent of the payment, by depending on the insurance package that the Saints medical expenses involved are also different. In particular, the parents elected to childbirth can be paid from 10 million to 42 million when students often, from 20 to 70 million when caesarean, each day of hospitalization for childbirth will be paid from 1.5 to 3.5 million per day. Payment amount more or less depends on the insurance package purchase in any company.

There are so many big insurance companies for the parents elected to choose from.