Product liability insurance rates

This article introduces PJICO insurance customer reviews product liability insurance, liability insurance products. Compensation liability insurance product when and some note when you need to buy product liability insurance.

Product liability insurance rates are calculated based on the total revenue on the year of companies involved in insurance or liability of compensation in each service and the loss of the entire insurance period. To be responsible for insurance quotes for specific products details please contact us.

Compensation for these objects?

All of the funds that the insured person has product liability legal obligation to pay as compensation for:

1.1. the unexpected damage on the person (injury, sickness)
1.2 the unexpected damage to property

caused by the goods covered by the sale, supply, repair, alter, process, or service related to business activities by insured performed and incurred during the insurance period and within the territory of the rules specified in the certificate of insurance;

2. All costs and expenses of litigation
2.1 the plaintiff party against the insured is reimbursed,
2.2 arises with the consent in writing of the PJICO
for any complaint would claim the insured responsible for the product must be compensated and subject to compensation under this insurance Application;
However, the responsibility of the PJICO for all compensation payable to one or more sides of a plaintiff or a series of incidents arise from or may be attributed to the same origin or cause , will not exceed the compensation limit is specified in the certificate of insurance for an incident arising during the period covered, the responsibility of the PJICO also will not exceed the limits of liability specified in the certificate of insurance for each period of insurance.

In case the insured dies, the liability that the insured incurs, PJICO will reimburse on behalf of the insured person under the conditions and limits defined in this insurance Application , provided that the representative must comply, fulfill obligations in accordance with the provisions of the terms, exclusions, limits of liability of this coverage as if they are insured.

The insurance rules and a summary of the conditions of this insurance shall be read together as one contract and any words or phrases are assigned a special meaning in any one particular meaning in any part of the insured or of A Summary of the conditions of this insurance will still carry such a meaning though it appear in any place.

1. In case of a breakdown could lead to compensation claims under this insurance, the insured must notify in writing the PJICO as soon as possible. All correspondence, complaint, summons of the Court and other relevant documents must be notified immediately or upon receipt of the PJICO.

2. Without the consent in writing of the person insured, the insured product liability are not negotiable, cannot be accepted, not proposals, promises or any payment would be relevant to the issue or complaint PJICO if found necessary have the power to take over and done with the name of the insured person the advocate against any claims or costs, and because their rights have the right on behalf of the insured person prosecuted against any person would insist they compensate the losses. PJICO also have freedom of action in the litigation and resolve the complaint, and the insured must provide all information and assistance if PJICO asked.

Fire insurance company-wood

A. a FIRE (due to explosion or any other cause)
but excluding:
Earthquake, eruption or other fluctuations of nature,
The damage caused by the
(i) fire because the property itself or the heat of fermentation, or
(ii) the impact of any process with regard to the use of heat,

Any damages caused by or as a result of the burning of forests, bushes, grasslands, deserts, tropical forests, or burn with the purpose of cleaning field, land, whether it is random or not. 
(a) boilers
(b) gas

used with the sole purpose of serving activities but excluding the damage caused by the earthquake, eruption or other fluctuations of nature.
B. EXPLOSION-fire wood company insurance
but excluding: 
Damage occurring to the boilers, water tanks, gas cylinders, machinery or equipment that uses pressure or with respect to the material contained in the machinery and equipment that they were broke,


D. DISRUPTIVE, strike, STRIKE, LAYOFFS-lumber company fire insurance
the damage caused directly by:

the Act of any person involved with other people on the loss of social order (though related strike, strike or fired or not),

the action of any legitimate authority in suppressing or attempts to suppress any disruptive action or minimize the consequences of disruptive actions which,

intentional actions of any strike or the fired would aim to support strike against layoffs, or
the action of any legitimate Government would try to prevent or deter such actions or limit the consequences of such action,

(2) fire insurance company-wood

E. malicious DEED-fire wood company insurance
Damage occurring to the property insured that the direct cause is the malicious action of any person (whether for this action has occurred in the process of disrupting the social order or not) but excluding the damage caused by theft or try to make the Act of theft.

PJICO only agree this hedging when the insured person buying insurance for risks D and apply the exclusion of risk point D (except excluded point 1 (c)).

H. THUNDEROUS STORM, flood, but excluding:-insurance of fire wood company

(a) damage caused by Frost, landslides, soil
(b) damage occurring to canvas umbrellas, screens, billboards, the equipment installed in the outside, fence, gateway and the estate to another,
(c) damage occurs to buildings which are in the construction, renovation or repair, unless all of the doors, the Windows, the other open box has been completed and the protection against the storm.
(d) damage caused by water or rain, except water and rain battered the works through the door and the other empty due to the direct impact of the storm,
(e) damage caused by water from the water tank, water storage appliances or plumbing under the control and ownership of the insured person.

(a) damage caused by water escaping, leaks from the Sprinkler systems are installed automatically,
(b) damage in the works, the House vacant or have no users.


Burn wood export company after explosion

After the explosion in the paint glue, the flames quickly covering 2,500 square meters of factory made hundreds of workers doing the run

Lunch 7/1, explosion played out in the paint and spray the glue in the Company Ltd. Wang Feng (100% of the capital of China, specialized in manufacturing of furniture exports) in Thuan An, Binh Duong town. 150 More workers to panic runs out.

The fire broke out chemicals into sharp intense, spread to the products area. The same protection group of workers tried to put out the fire but failed. Sea of fire embraces the factory accompanied by billowing black smoke column causing dozens of buildings around the evacuation fire precaution property

More than 100 FIRE FIGHTING and police of Binh Duong Province and several fire trucks fire sprinkler positive after 2 hours. No casualties, a fire to burn and crash the entire workshop about 2,500 m2.

Private home insurance 2017

Private home insurance rules (attached to decision No. 643/2014/QD/TSC/CEO on 01/08/2014 of the General Director Of Petrolimex insurance joint stock company)

On the BASIS of the insured person named in the certificate of insurance of private homes (GCNBH)/2017 insurance contract attached to the sent Of Petrolimex insurance joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as “PJICO”) by the required Certificate of insurance Declaration and the Declaration others are considered base and attachment parts are of the same time the insurance contract the insured has made payment according to the time indicated on the certificate of insurance (GCNBH)/2017 private insurance contracts and/or notification receiver the fee, renewal fee debt.

THIS INSURANCE RULES confirm that PJICO will indemnify the insured person for the 2017 private home any loss or damage that occurs during the insurance period under the right conditions, the terms outlined below, or be modified later (Supplement here referred to as the conditions of the terms of the private home insurance rule 2017).



PJICO will compensate the insured for the loss or damage to the home caused by a risk insured private homes 2017.

PJICO can choose the option to repair, restore or replace any property loss, damages or compensation in the money for the value of the loss or damage.

The condition is under PhầnI, the House is understood not to include:
(a) the property is not owned by the insured person or the insured person does not bear liability for the property;
(b) the property that the value is included in the total amount of insurance of property within section.
Unless otherwise specified, the House due to the insured person declaration must be constructed of brick, stone or cement and roofing are made of cement, stone, tile, metal, asbestos or asbestos compounds and inorganic components do not burn.

If at the time of the loss or damage be considered compensation as defined in part I, the value of the House is larger than the amount of private home insurance the insured private homes 2017 will be viewed as auto insurance for the difference deviation value and will suffer loss or damage in part by insurance rate under the corresponding value. This condition is applied separately for each object of the House.


1. The terms architect fees, assessor, consulting engineer
The fees and costs including but not limited to costs charged the architect and other consultants to estimate, diagrams, specifications, detailed design, procurement, supervision of reasonable and necessary arise with term a maximum of 10% of the total amount stated in GCNBH insurance/home insurance 2017.

2. terms of cleaning up the scene

The expenses incurred by the insured person needed in the field of cleaning, dismantling or destroying, or prop up, perform temporary repairs for one or more of the insured property is part of the consequences of the loss or damage covered with the condition these costs:

(a) have not recovered from any Single other insurance;
(b) does not include the cost of cleanup, remove, clean the substance leaks, pollution or contamination except for loss or damage caused by insured risks;
(c) does not exceed 10% of the total amount stated in GCNBH insurance/home insurance.

Timeliness of extinguishing the fire at Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc district,

At 13:32 minutes on 12/02/2017, fire police and fire district 9 residential fire alarm newsletter at: 101 Number, street, quater 3, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc district.

Production unit 1 command, 3 fire engines, 1 truck means, the 01 car Ladders along 36 CBCS due comrade Colonel Phan Minh Right-fire command directly.

When to place the unit of reconnaissance organization to grasp the situation determine: fire in the bedroom of the House 1st floor; the fire radiating more smoke and toxic gas, fire risk spread in the next room, the unit deployed 2 B cooling fountain mausoleum, prevent fires and extinguish the fire.

To 13 hours 48 minutes, the fire was extinguished completely. No damage to people, to property: fires 1 bed, 1 wardrobe, 1 shelf to television (an area of fire about 26 m 2/282m2) estimated amount of about 1.5 million. The police force, Fire Department and fire district 9 has successfully defended 256m2 rest of the House and prevent the fire spread to the adjacent buildings.

Exclusion of liability insurance

The insurer has no obligation to compensate if the damage caused by one of the following causes:
1. Earthquake, eruption or the other upheaval of nature.
2. The assets themselves or fermentation.

3. The property subject to the impact of a process using heat.
4. Lightning directly into the property was insured but not cause fire, explosion.
5. nuclear weapons materials that cause fire, explosion.

6. Damage to machinery, electrical equipment or parts of the electrical equipment by running overload, too, pressure vessels, heat self đoản, electric arc or electrical leak, due to any cause, including due to lightning.

7. The damages due to intentional acts that cause fire, explosion of the insured aimed to claim compensation under the insurance contract.

8. The damage caused by intentional violation of the regulations on fire and fire for fire, explosion occurred.

9. The goods entrusted or dealership unless those goods that are confirmed in the insurance certificate is insured and the insured pay extra premiums as a rule.

10. Money, precious metals, gems, securities, letters of guarantee, documentation, business books, manuscripts, documents stored in electronic, computer templates, diplomas, moulds, drawings, design documents, unless the item is confirmed in the warranty certificate the insurance.

11. Explosives, unless confirmation is covered in the insurance certificate.

12. The property that at the time of loss, are covered by marine cargo insurance or liability insurance in the maritime insurance, excluding losses in excess of the liability for compensation according to the single marine insurance.

13. The damages due to fire, explosion caused to third parties.

14. The damage to data, software and computer programs.
15. The damages due to the events of political, security and social order and safety.

16. These exclusions of liability insurance as required by law or by the parties to the agreement.

With regard to the exclusions of liability coverage above, if the buyer has insurance coverage needs and the insurer accepts the insurance, then the party can still contracts additional insurance for the event.

Compulsory fire insurance gas shop

Move-fire insurance required gas shop

1. When the insured event occurs, the insurer or organization is authorized by the insurer will proceed with the assessment of losses to determine the cause and extent of the losses. The cost assessment of losses caused by the insurer.

2. In case the insured party and the insurer is not uniform on the cause and the extent of the losses may referendum for independent assessment. In case the parties do not settle on appraiser independence, then one of the Parties requested the Court where loss or where the buyer specified residence insurance appraiser independence. The conclusions of the independent appraiser value the mandatory for the parties.

Form of compensation of compulsory fire insurance gas shop

1. The buyer of insurance and the insurer may agree a compensation in the form of the following:
a) repair of the damaged property;
b) replace the damaged property with other properties;
c) pay compensation.

2. In the case of the insurer and the insured party no agreement was in form of compensation, the compensation will be done with the money.

3. In the case compensated according to the provisions of point b and point c of paragraph 1 of this article, the insurer has the right to recover the property that was damaged after it was replaced or the whole compensation according to the market value of the property.

The property must join compulsory fire insurance, including:

1. The home, buildings and equipment;
2. Machines and equipment;
3. Types of goods, supplies and other assets.

The property on the insured when the value of the property to calculate the amount and be recorded in the fire insurance contract required.
1. The insurer’s business is The licensing financial establishment and operations of insurance casualty.

2. The buyer’s insurance agencies, organizations and individuals to own or manage or use the basis of the danger of fire, explosion and was listed in the certificate compulsory fire insurance in gas stores.

3. Fire is a chemical reaction are heat and light by the blast or any other cause.

4. Blast is the chemical reactions that cause the release of gas and energy suddenly with large volume of simultaneous sounds and physical effects to the surrounding objects but excluding:

a) property is compulsory fire insurance is destroyed or damaged by water tanks, boiler gas, tanks, machinery or equipment that the pressure inside the created entirely by the steam generated explosion (rather than due to ignite from explosive source) if the boilers and the machines and equipment that are owned or controlled by the party to buy fire insurance required in gas stores.

Fires gas store in Hanoi: mother dead, 3 injured

Gas store owners said early in the morning, you wake up, reconnect power pack noodles, plus gas leakage should occur the fire service

Fires occurred at about 6:30 on 11-12 at Phu Vinh gas store (hamlet Van Tri, Minh Khai Township, Liem-Hanoi) Vietnamese Nguyen Huy (SN 1979, his native town But Set cam Khe district, Phu Tho-).

At the time on, some people detect the smell of scorched and has the explosion of British gas stores, then flames. See inside the patient distress, two young used sledge hammers banging the door but due to the outbreak of the fire started strongly advised them to flee. Know where the fire is to store gas, some inhabitants of the area have run out of the House and call the FIRE PROTECTION police force.

To almost 20 minutes later, the new gas stores were sprung. The first person to run out of the store you’re Free; This was followed by two employees Nguyen Danh Hung (SN 1992) and Nair (B. 1995), and his hometown of cam Khe district-Phu Tho. According to a people, when he bailed out, Free mouth always called for: “Save my wife!”.

Before being taken to hospital, he said the Vietnamese in the early morning, you wake up noodles Pack, when plugged into the drive, reconnect power posters, plus the gas leakage should occur. In the panic, you must open a new fact was to lock the door to exit.

Immediately after receiving the notification, FIRE FIGHTING and police forces have mobilized nearly a dozen fire trucks to the scene. Due to gas outlet is located in the lane should the firefighters encountered many difficulties, more than

1 hour later, new fire control. However, it wasn’t until nearly 12 hours and 30 minutes, the rescue force brought new body, his wife, her sister is Tran Thi anh Viet Sub Ivory (32 years old) and Nguyen Thanh Dat (6 months old). People did not hold tears as she hugged her son tight still in Ivory.

All risk property insurance Office

Rule property all risk insurance office or the other additional amendments attached to the insurance contract Office property all risk (the conditions, terms and exclusions of this point due to the nature of them is considered the prerequisite to the insured person has the right to compensation under the contract of insurance), the total Petrolimex insurance joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as the PJICO) agree that if after the insured

made payment according to the time indicated on the certificate of property all risk insurance offices (GCNBH), insurance contracts and/or notification costs, extend debt charges that any property insured would lose cool , destroyed or damaged material a surprise due to any cause whatsoever not excluded specifically under this cause on any time before 4 p.m. the last day of the insurance period or within any time limit would next that the insured all risk assets the Office has filed charges and PJICO has accepted the insurance fee to renew the contracts of all risk property insurance Office

PJICO will indemnify the insured value of the property at the time of the damage, loss or destruction of material and a surprise for the property or the value of that damage (following the loss , destroy or damage a surprise called damage) or depending on your choice, PJICO can recover or replace a part or the whole of the property losses

Provided that in any case, the responsibility of the PJICO for every service loss or total losses during the period of insurance also does not exceed:
the total amount of insurance or the insurance amount corresponding to each of the categories of assets that are declared in the GCNBH/contract property all risk insurance office.

any compensation limit would set forth in GCNBH/contract property all risk insurance office.
or any amount or other amount set forth in the additional terms attached and signed by the person or representative PJICO PJICO.


At the time the damage occurred, if the insured property has a value greater than the actual amount of insurance of property, then the insured must bear part of the loss corresponding to the ratio of insured value. This condition will be applied separately for each category of assets insured all risk assets.

The LEVEL of deduction

The all risk insurance property Office does not compensate for the losses in the range of the level stipulated in the GCNBH/deductible insurance for each and every loss determined after applying all of the conditions , terms, other provisions of the rule property all risk insurance.

The insured person committed that, during the term of the insurance contract, the insured will not have any other insurance for the damage in the range of the level recorded in the GCNBH/deductible insurance office property all risk.

If the insured person or the insured person’s representative to provide the description of serious discrepancies related to the covered property or related buildings or locations contain the properties that , or on the category or location or any information about the Declaration would need to know to assess the risks or do not declare about the information that PJICO will not be responsible for the property affected by the the description wrong, false declaration or not declare it.

Insurance for the construction market

The object of insurance and minimum insurance amount

1. Object of insurance for construction workers on construction sites is the responsibility of the civil construction contractor for construction workers on construction sites under the provisions of the law.

2. the minimum insurance amount in case of insurance for construction workers on construction sites is one hundred (100) million VND/person/service

insurance for the construction market

The insurer made responsible for compensation for the contractor to build the sum that the building contractor is responsible for compensation to injured workers, died due to accidents, occupational disease arises due to the implementation of the work construction market except the case not in the liability insurance

Period of insurance – insurance for the construction market

1. Period of insurance for construction workers on construction sites starting from the date the construction work on the remainder of the warranty period of works under the provisions of the law.

2. The determination of the period of insurance specific to construction workers on construction sites based on the employment contract and the confirmation text of construction contractor on the time employees working at a construction reality.

Premium and premium payment-insurance for the construction market

1. The premiums for construction workers on site are specified in annex 9 attached to this circular.

2. Based on the risk level of the subjects covered, the insurer was adjusted to increase or decrease the maximum 25% premium on the insurance premium prescribed in annex 9 attached to this circular.

3. The payment of premiums for construction workers on the implementation on the basis of the agreement between the buyer and the insurance business insurance and must be recorded in the contract of insurance. The particular case as follows:

a) case of premiums: the premium payment period not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date of the contract of insurance in force and not later than thirty (30) days from the date of start of period of insurance under the contract of insurance. Case the insurance period under thirty (30) days, the premium payment period not exceeding the period of insurance.

4. in case there is a change in the number of employees, change the job of the employee to follow the following instructions:

a) Before January 15 of the next month, there is a change, the building contractor must notify in writing to the insurer the changes stated on the enclosed list of employees arising increases or decreases (for the case of a change of of labour), list of workers change (for the case of change of work of employees).-insurance for the construction market

b) case arises to increase the number of labor, changing jobs of workers increase the risks covered, the building contractor must pay a portion of the premium increase before January 15 of the next month, announced.

c) cases arising down the amount of labor, changing jobs of workers reduces the risks covered, the insurer must pay for construction contractor premium section falling respectively with the rest of the insurance contract that the buyer has insurance excess close before June 15th of the next month, announced.
d) If the contractor construction done right obligation of notification in accordance with point a of this clause and premium payment as defined in point b of this clause, the auto insurance contracts in force with regard to the list of employees arising increase or cessation of effect for a list of employees incurred decreases; auto insurance contracts in force with regard to the change of workers since the text arising under of the insured person.

Where buildings insurance

In Saigon you buy insurance of construction it’s easy, we can quote over the phone, email, zalo. When you agree to buy the insurance of works we will service for you. Buy insurance works where truth doesn’t matter in the age of technology.

The insurance coverage for the following objects:
The buildings, including public buildings, houses, industrial, irrigation, transportation, energy and other works;

Construction equipment serving the construction process;
Construction equipment serving the construction process;
Part of the installation and/or constitute a part of the building process;
Available on the property and within the school district in the ownership, management, supervision and control of the insured person;
Liable to third persons.
Where buildings insurance
Period of insurance and the insurance effect of construction works
The responsibility of the PJICO starting at the commencement or from when the insured named in the GCNBH/insurance contracts to be unloaded at a construction site. In case GCNBH/insurance contract was signed after the work had started, the validity of the contract is confirmed in GCNBH/insurance contracts of construction works

However, GCNBH/building insurance only real effect after the insured person has paid the premiums recorded in GCNBH/insurance contract unless agreed otherwise in writing.

For these parts, the projects have been delivered or put to use, the liability of PJICO for those parts, these projects will cease from the moment delivery or insert parts , the process to use.
Where buildings insurance
GCNBH/insurance contract will terminate effective the date stipulated in the insurance contract/GCNBH. All cases limited coverage must be PJICO agrees in writing

1. the insurance undertaking construction works
If during the period of insurance, any item of property would have a name in the GCNBH/insurance contract or any part of the category that suffered sudden and unforeseeable due to any cause other than the causes were exclude a specific way, apparently caused to the extent to

or replacement of the PJICO is responsible for compensation for the loss which the insured person as defined in GCNBH, this insurance by paying money, repair or replace (at its option of PJICO). The compensation levels for each category of assets recorded in the GCNBH/non-insurance
Where buildings insurance
exceed the amount of the insurance category of the property and within the limit of the liability of compensation for every insurance event (if any). The total amount of the insurance compensation does not exceed the total amount of insurance specified in the insurance contract/GCNBH of construction works.

Two-way baby car insurance

Compensation when:

1. the PJICO compensation for the physical damage caused by: 
1.1 sudden accident, outside the control of the owner of the car, driving in the case: collision, overturn, spilling, fire, fire, explosion, other bodies acting on motor vehicles.
1.2 The unforeseen risks by nature: hurricanes, flood, flood, lightning, earthquake, hail, landslides, tsunamis … 
1.3 Take the whole car in the case: the car stolen, airport is robbed.

2 in addition to the payment of the remaining expenses PJICO necessary and reasonably incurred by the accident coverage in order to:
2.1 prevents, restricts further losses, protect and bring the car to the nearest repair but must not exceed 10% of the sum insured two way airport.
2.2 assessment of losses if the responsibility of the two-way car insurance.

In all cases the total amount of actual compensation of PJICO (including costs on) does not exceed the amount of insurance to be recorded on the certificate of insurance of the car the two dimensional.

No compensation when:

Automobile insurance rules, PJICO pay material damages in the following cases:

1. Wear and tear, the natural damage arising from the normal operation of the vehicle.

2. Damaged due to disability, loss of values, diminishing the quality of whether auditing certification technical safety and environmental protection.

3. Damage or loss are more due to repairs.

4. Electrical parts of machinery or equipment that is not due to accidents specified in point 1 article 25 above.

5. Damage to tires and rubber, car body decals, tent, taking the head wheel, fenders, signature brands, manufacturer logos unless this loss occurs due to the same cause and at the same time with the other parts of the vehicle in the same fatal accident.

6. the stolen parts of the car (unless other agreement).

7. The vehicle after repair, overhaul, or new regulatory improvement must register again without going dăng check prescribed by the State.

8. engine losses due to airport operations in the region are flooded (unless agreed otherwise).

9. The level of compensation agreement to be recorded on the certificate of automobile insurance. The level of compensation apply after you have made the terms, condition of the two-way car insurance rules. 

The truck flipped over cars, the driver fatality

Truck traffic on Highway 1 to surprise auto flip left over cars running the opposite direction making a driver fatality in place.
Serious traffic accident happened about 18 h day 25/8 on a route through the town of Phan Thiet River (district of ham Tan, Binh Thuan) do you Naidu (33 years, reside in the town of La Gi, Binh Thuan) death on the spot.

According to initial information, the time on the Ceiling by truck, Ocean (30 years, indicates in Ninh Thuan) are circulating from South to North to the Diocese of Phan Thiet River Township itself unexpectedly turn left. This vehicle over cars running the opposite direction. Vehicle driver’s you Nguyên suffered death on the spot. Two of the car was badly damaged after the accident.

Workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017

Article 1. PJICO insurance company get insurance for all citizens of Vietnam from 16 to 70 years old and foreigners are learning the work in Vietnam (hereinafter known as the insured accident the worker works in 2017) according to the terms specified in this rule; exclude the following objects:
-People who are mentally ill.

-Who are being maimed or permanent disability from 50% or more.

Article 2. The insured accident the worker works in 2017 under this rule still participate and enjoy the benefits of the other types of insurance.

Article 3. The accident in the coverage as the accident happened in Vietnam due to:
-A sudden, unintended by the insured, from outside on the covered Person’s body and is the direct cause to make the insured suffered death or physical injury.

-The insured person has to act to save the property of the State, of the people and join the fight against illegal actions.

Article 4. The case of the insured accidents workers join the 2017 works played professional nature such as: racing, horse racing, football, boxing, climbing, surfing, sailing … survey, the Explorer; When the accident occurred covered only on the condition that the insured person has requested and agreed upon additional premium for PJICO prescribed in the fee schedule and amount of insurance.

Article 5. The accident occurred due to the following causes are not in the coverage:
The insured violating serious regulations, laws and regulations of the Agency, of the local government, or of other social institutions, violation of traffic safety laws

The Act of intentionally self-inflicted accident of the insured person or the rightful heir.
The insured person to use and under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other similar stimulant.

The insured person joins a fight unless confirmed that was the Act of self-defense.
Feeling suddenly hit by wind, disease, pregnancy, occupational disease, the complications in the treatment of disease and pregnancy.

Food poisoning, a drink.
Treatment or use drugs as directed by health authorities.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, radioactive.
Aviation operations (unless as a passenger), exercises, military training, combat of the armed forces.
War, civil war, strike.

Article 6.
-The collective require the insured accident, PJICO signed insurance contracts with the collective which enclose a list of the personal accident insurance of workers works in 2017.

-Individuals or families have asked to join the workers ‘ accident insurance works in 2017, PJICO insurance certificates for each individual. The insurance amount is the maximum liability limit of PJICO for the insured in an accident.

-The amount of insurance and the insurance period specified at the request of the insured accident the worker works in 2017.

Article 7. Premium and premium amounts based on the fee schedule of the PJICO insurance corporation prescribed along with this rule. Submitted by premium payments, the amount to be paid in the currency.

Premiums are close in the beginning are covered unless other agreement.
Article 8. Effect of insurance starts when the insured person had premiums as stipulated in the contract or certificate of workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017.

Article 9. The case of one of the two parties proposed to cancel the insurance contract must inform the other party know before 15 September. If the contract is cancelled, the agreement of the remaining time will be reimbursed 80%, on the condition that at the time that the insured person has not once been PJICO accept paying workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017.


Article 10. The case of the insured suffered death by accident in the coverage, PJICO will pay the full amount stated in the insurance contract or the certificate of personal accident insurance.
Article 11. The case of the insured person injury by accident in the coverage, paid by insurance PJICO nail in paying insurance rate Table.

Article 12. The case the insured suffers an accident in the coverage, within 1 year from the date of the accident the insured person suffered a fatality as a result of that accident, PJICO will pay part the difference between the amount recorded in the insurance contract (or certificate of personal accident insurance) in the amount paid in advance.