Workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017

Article 1. PJICO insurance company get insurance for all citizens of Vietnam from 16 to 70 years old and foreigners are learning the work in Vietnam (hereinafter known as the insured accident the worker works in 2017) according to the terms specified in this rule; exclude the following objects:
-People who are mentally ill.

-Who are being maimed or permanent disability from 50% or more.

Article 2. The insured accident the worker works in 2017 under this rule still participate and enjoy the benefits of the other types of insurance.

Article 3. The accident in the coverage as the accident happened in Vietnam due to:
-A sudden, unintended by the insured, from outside on the covered Person’s body and is the direct cause to make the insured suffered death or physical injury.

-The insured person has to act to save the property of the State, of the people and join the fight against illegal actions.

Article 4. The case of the insured accidents workers join the 2017 works played professional nature such as: racing, horse racing, football, boxing, climbing, surfing, sailing … survey, the Explorer; When the accident occurred covered only on the condition that the insured person has requested and agreed upon additional premium for PJICO prescribed in the fee schedule and amount of insurance.

Article 5. The accident occurred due to the following causes are not in the coverage:
The insured violating serious regulations, laws and regulations of the Agency, of the local government, or of other social institutions, violation of traffic safety laws

The Act of intentionally self-inflicted accident of the insured person or the rightful heir.
The insured person to use and under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other similar stimulant.

The insured person joins a fight unless confirmed that was the Act of self-defense.
Feeling suddenly hit by wind, disease, pregnancy, occupational disease, the complications in the treatment of disease and pregnancy.

Food poisoning, a drink.
Treatment or use drugs as directed by health authorities.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, radioactive.
Aviation operations (unless as a passenger), exercises, military training, combat of the armed forces.
War, civil war, strike.

Article 6.
-The collective require the insured accident, PJICO signed insurance contracts with the collective which enclose a list of the personal accident insurance of workers works in 2017.

-Individuals or families have asked to join the workers ‘ accident insurance works in 2017, PJICO insurance certificates for each individual. The insurance amount is the maximum liability limit of PJICO for the insured in an accident.

-The amount of insurance and the insurance period specified at the request of the insured accident the worker works in 2017.

Article 7. Premium and premium amounts based on the fee schedule of the PJICO insurance corporation prescribed along with this rule. Submitted by premium payments, the amount to be paid in the currency.

Premiums are close in the beginning are covered unless other agreement.
Article 8. Effect of insurance starts when the insured person had premiums as stipulated in the contract or certificate of workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017.

Article 9. The case of one of the two parties proposed to cancel the insurance contract must inform the other party know before 15 September. If the contract is cancelled, the agreement of the remaining time will be reimbursed 80%, on the condition that at the time that the insured person has not once been PJICO accept paying workers ‘ compensation insurance works in 2017.


Article 10. The case of the insured suffered death by accident in the coverage, PJICO will pay the full amount stated in the insurance contract or the certificate of personal accident insurance.
Article 11. The case of the insured person injury by accident in the coverage, paid by insurance PJICO nail in paying insurance rate Table.

Article 12. The case the insured suffers an accident in the coverage, within 1 year from the date of the accident the insured person suffered a fatality as a result of that accident, PJICO will pay part the difference between the amount recorded in the insurance contract (or certificate of personal accident insurance) in the amount paid in advance.

Compulsory fire insurance apartment

1. fire insurance business required business apartments are the Ministry of finance license the establishment and operations of insurance casualty.
2. the party buying fire insurance required apartment is bodies, organizations and individuals to own or manage or use the basis of the danger of fire, explosion and was named in the insurance certificate.

3. Fire is a chemical reaction are heat and light by the blast or any other cause.
4. Blast is the chemical reactions that cause the release of gas and energy suddenly with large volume of simultaneous sounds and physical effects to the surrounding objects but excluding:

a) covered property is destroyed or damaged by water tanks, boiler gas, tanks, machinery or equipment that the pressure inside the created entirely by the steam generated explosion (rather than due to ignite from the explosive source) if the pot and the machines and equipment that are owned or controlled by the party to buy fire insurance required apartments.

b) container, machinery or equipment or materials inside the instruments that were damaged or destroyed by the explosive material that (this exclusion does not apply in the case of fire insurance, gasoline explosion).

5. The basis of the danger of fire or explosion is the basis set forth in annex 1 of Decree 35/2003/ND-CP. 
6. The level of deduction is the amount that the buyer fire insurance required to bear in the event of compulsory fire insurance apartment.

1. the insured amount is the value the money according to the market value of the property must join the fire insurance, compulsory at the time involved the compulsory fire insurance apartment.

2. where does not determine the market value of the property, the amount of fire insurance required by the parties to the agreement. Specifically the following:

a. the case of the object property is insured, the insurance amount is calculated according to the value of the remaining value or replacement value of the new property at the time of the insured by the insurer and the insured party to the agreement.

b. the case of the object insured goods (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products), the amount of insurance is the value calculated into money according to the declarations of the parties to buy fire insurance required apartments. 

Loss assessment
1. When the insured event occurs, the insurer or organization is authorized by the insurer will proceed with the assessment of losses to determine the cause and extent of the losses. The cost assessment of losses caused by the insurer.

2. In case the insured party and the insurer is not uniform on the cause and the extent of the losses may referendum for independent assessment. In case the parties do not settle on appraiser independence, then one of the Parties requested the Court where loss or where the buyer specified residence insurance appraiser independence. The conclusions of the independent appraiser value the mandatory for the parties.
Compensation forms
1. The buyer compulsory fire insurance and the insurer may agree a compensation in the form of the following:
a) repair of the damaged property;
b) replace the damaged property with other properties;
c) pay compensation.
2. In the case of the insurer and the insured party no agreement was in form of compensation, the compensation will be done with the money.
3. In the case compensated according to the provisions of point b and point c of paragraph 1 of this article, the insurer has the right to recover the property that was damaged after it was replaced or the whole compensation according to the market value of the property.

Fire sword Lake condo Palaza, hundreds of people fled the middle of the night

At the time of the fire service, the alarm bells of Lake Plaza doesn’t work, everyone fled out by calling each other.

Apartment fire, hundreds of people fled occurs on 14/12, in the 0h45 range residential Outdoor Sword Palaza-HA Dong (number 110 Tran Phu Street, HA Dong, Hanoi).
Over time, more people lived in the condo Lake Palaza-HA Dong Center suddenly smell the lẹt infamous rises from inside the apartment, floor 1805A 18A, then the big flame rises.

The discovery of the fire service, the people associated the term permutation evacuated each coral block, creating chaotic scenes. Some other people also hold the attitude of calm associated call to the function.

Reports, FIRE FIGHTING and public security police force Hanoi was quick to present at the scene to coordinate with the functional unit conducts fire and put the people inside the condominium to quickly move to the outside. To about half, the fire has basically been control.

Flood insurance

Flood insurance companies agree that (on the basis of the conditions set forth in the rules or additional terms or conditions is considered a prerequisite to insured flood has the right to compensation under the contract of insurance l This flood 4.10),

After The flood insurance premium installments paid first, if the assets are stated in the insurance certificate of insurance (GCNBH), a contract of insurance or any part of the property loss , destroyed or damaged by any of the risks outlined in GCNBH/

Insurance contract causes at any time during the period of insurance or in any subsequent time that the insured has filed charges at the request of the PJICO renew this insurance contract/GCNBH , then the PJICO will indemnify the insured property loss, destruction or damage according to their value at the time of the loss or, depending on your choice, PJICO can recover or replace lost property or any part of them.

the condition is
PJICO’s responsibility, in any case will not exceed:
The insurance amount corresponding to each category of asset and total return, not to exceed the total amount of insurance at the time of the loss,
The amount remaining after the insurance compensation for any property loss, destruction or damage that occurs during the insurance period unless the PJICO agreed insurance amount restored after each payment compensation.

The term damage in flood insurance rules are understood as the loss, destruction or damage of the insured property in the place stated in the certificate.
The level of the deduction is the amount that the insured person is flooding in each and every loss in each location are covered after having applied the terms of compensation in proportion (under the insurance value)
H. THUNDEROUS STORM, flood, but excluding: 
(a) damage caused by Frost, landslides, soil
(b) damage occurring to canvas umbrellas, screens, billboards, the equipment installed in the outside, fence, gateway and the estate to another,
(c) damage occurs to buildings which are in the construction, renovation or repair, unless all of the doors, the Windows, the other open box has been completed and the protection against the storm.
(d) damage caused by water or rain, except water and rain battered the works through the door and the other empty due to the direct impact of the storm,
(e) damage caused by water from the water tank, water storage appliances or plumbing under the control and ownership of the insured flood.

The record of super Typhoon Irma

In addition to the title of most powerful Atlantic Storm, super Typhoon Irma with tremendous strength also holds many other records.

Before landing in Florida, tropical storm Irma formed much of the record with unprecedented strength when leveled many islands in the Caribbean. Irma came just a week after Super Typhoon Harvey sank the city of Houston, Texas in the sea water, marking the first time the United States received two Hurricane level 4 in the same year, it was reported today.

According to researcher Phil Klotzbach at Colorado University, Typhoon Irma holds many records. The winds have speeds up to 297 km/h of Irma’s highest winds were recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea outside. Its winds only after Hurricane Allen in 1980, the most powerful storm in the Atlantic basin range.

Typhoon Irma also maintain strength at level 5 for three consecutive days, the longest time in the satellite era. The storm produced storm swirling energy accumulation (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) during the second powerful satellite, an important measure combines the power and time. The energy generated by large horizontal with Irma the energy of both the normal hurricane season in the Atlantic.
From about 300 km/h, wind down to 185 km/h when Irma landed on the island of Marco on Florida peninsula. However, Irma is still a dangerous hurricane. The hurricanes to deviate the route along the Florida peninsula, through Miami and Atlantic regions have populated. However, with a diameter of about 640 km, Irma remained heavily influence with the waves and wind movement has large devastating rain pelting.

“There are huge differences between the storm level 3 and level 5 when it landed,” meteorologist Ryan Maue in companies offering Analytics WeatherBell weather service said. “The island of Barbuda is one example. The island was wiped out. This is clearly not the worst scenario for the entire state of Florida. If the center of the Typhoon Irma entered Florida off 32-50 km to the East, the damage will much more heavily “.

According to Maue and Jeff Masters, Director of meteorology company Weather Underground, Cuba inspired help Florida Hurricane Irma’s power. If the storm does not move over Cuba, it could hit Florida as a hurricane 5.

When to buy maternity insurance?

Many parents elect for not understanding the time should buy maternity insurance, buy too late or too early to not pay the cost of childbirth from maternity insurance.

Many mothers who have decided to buy maternity insurance to be part of the cost-sharing san expensive or the expenses that may arise during pregnancy.

Mrs. Phan Ngọc Ánh (age 27-HA Dong, Hanoi) has planned to buy maternity insurance before pregnancy first child to help stupid are somewhat birth costs. Her thought that simply buy insurance is going to be paid should be assured of getting pregnant. But forever after she knows, like to be insurance, you need to have the time to wait for about 1 year and then be conceived. The output of this birthing time husband and wife you have to dispose the money bag out payment not covered maternity pay. So what is the maternity insurance? Buy maternity insurance, how it and enjoy full benefits?

Maternity insurance is insurance for women type are intended to have children. When using this type of insurance will be entitled to health care services during pregnancy and during childbirth. Accordingly, the insured will be paid part of the cost of ups, the costs of childbirth, caesarean birth, and both costs and unusual treatment pregnancy and complications of pregnancy. But the payment applies to the insured person before pregnancy takes place. In addition, depending on the insurance package that monies paid will also be different.

Buy maternity insurance in the right way, the correct time will help the parents elected to reduce significantly the cost of childbirth.

Usually, maternity insurance packages will be located in the package of health insurance. Health insurance package is divided into two main parts: the required rights and benefits options. Mandatory benefits are benefits for inpatient, emergency department, accidents and serious diseases. Benefits of options usually include outpatient benefits, dental, maternity, … In the interests of selection, the parents can choose the maternity package vote.

Ms. Ha Anh-a longtime insurance staff said: “today there are many companies that sell health insurance with many different prices, available free from 4 million to 7 million per year. Very rare that the company would pay if the mother was pregnant months then buy insurance. The parents elected to make time and step into the time of pregnancy “.

In all the maternity insurance packages have a similar general terms is “out”, many sisters do not understand this concept led to the loss of money and benefits for childbirth.

Ms. Ha said: “a lot of people are still confused about the concept of time waiting in the maternity insurance. Many people mistaken that the timeout is the time period from when she is pregnant until the birth. In fact, the waiting period is the time period from when you purchase insurance to conception. The waiting time normally is on 210, 280 days or 12 months, depending on insurance companies and insurance package. If before the time that the woman is pregnant, the entire insurance package that is not being used. Parents elect paid only 100% maternity insurance benefits of the contract if the pregnancy and after the baby’s birth time. And if after the waiting period to expire contracts that have yet to be elected, then regarded as the contract expired. The sisters can continue to participate by closing the money for next year “.

So, when to start buying, the sisters should ask the technical staff after buying insurance waiting time is long. Many people do not ask this so thoroughly after the purchase is completed has conceived, lead to childbirth enough time should not be covered.

In addition, the sisters before pregnancy should aim to advance in the Institute would cost in that particular hospital, which belongs to the category of insurance company’s guarantee to find where to buy the fit.

She started to share more, before you buy maternity insurance, the sisters should read carefully the extent of the payment, by depending on the insurance package that the Saints medical expenses involved are also different. In particular, the parents elected to childbirth can be paid from 10 million to 42 million when students often, from 20 to 70 million when caesarean, each day of hospitalization for childbirth will be paid from 1.5 to 3.5 million per day. Payment amount more or less depends on the insurance package purchase in any company.

There are so many big insurance companies for the parents elected to choose from.