All risk property insurance Office

Rule property all risk insurance office or the other additional amendments attached to the insurance contract Office property all risk (the conditions, terms and exclusions of this point due to the nature of them is considered the prerequisite to the insured person has the right to compensation under the contract of insurance), the total Petrolimex insurance joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as the PJICO) agree that if after the insured

made payment according to the time indicated on the certificate of property all risk insurance offices (GCNBH), insurance contracts and/or notification costs, extend debt charges that any property insured would lose cool , destroyed or damaged material a surprise due to any cause whatsoever not excluded specifically under this cause on any time before 4 p.m. the last day of the insurance period or within any time limit would next that the insured all risk assets the Office has filed charges and PJICO has accepted the insurance fee to renew the contracts of all risk property insurance Office

PJICO will indemnify the insured value of the property at the time of the damage, loss or destruction of material and a surprise for the property or the value of that damage (following the loss , destroy or damage a surprise called damage) or depending on your choice, PJICO can recover or replace a part or the whole of the property losses

Provided that in any case, the responsibility of the PJICO for every service loss or total losses during the period of insurance also does not exceed:
the total amount of insurance or the insurance amount corresponding to each of the categories of assets that are declared in the GCNBH/contract property all risk insurance office.

any compensation limit would set forth in GCNBH/contract property all risk insurance office.
or any amount or other amount set forth in the additional terms attached and signed by the person or representative PJICO PJICO.


At the time the damage occurred, if the insured property has a value greater than the actual amount of insurance of property, then the insured must bear part of the loss corresponding to the ratio of insured value. This condition will be applied separately for each category of assets insured all risk assets.

The LEVEL of deduction

The all risk insurance property Office does not compensate for the losses in the range of the level stipulated in the GCNBH/deductible insurance for each and every loss determined after applying all of the conditions , terms, other provisions of the rule property all risk insurance.

The insured person committed that, during the term of the insurance contract, the insured will not have any other insurance for the damage in the range of the level recorded in the GCNBH/deductible insurance office property all risk.

If the insured person or the insured person’s representative to provide the description of serious discrepancies related to the covered property or related buildings or locations contain the properties that , or on the category or location or any information about the Declaration would need to know to assess the risks or do not declare about the information that PJICO will not be responsible for the property affected by the the description wrong, false declaration or not declare it.

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